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Itämeri Plogging info

Itämeri Plogging info

What is Itämeri Plogging?

Baltic Sea Plogging is a Finland-wide charity project that enables concrete cleaning of the Baltic Sea one kayak trip at a time. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to see and experience the Baltic Sea in all its beauty and harshness.

The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world, and the growing problem, in addition to eutrophication, is human-caused littering. Change is in our hands and it requires concrete actions.

In 2024 Itämeri Plogging will happen in four different locations: Laguuni Keilis, Laguuni Hietsu, Laguuni Mustikkamaa and Lappis Oulu. This far, during the previous four summers, we have collected  8474 kg of trash with 8284 volunteers. This summer we are reaching to break the  limit of 10 000 volunteers!

What pollutes the Baltic Sea?

The biggest problem in the Baltic Sea is eutrophication caused by an excessive amount of nutrients. In addition to eutrophication, the nature of the Baltic Sea is threatened by, for example, increasing sea traffic, microplastics and littering, as well as harmful substances and environmental toxins.

How can I participate in Itämeri plogging?

Anyone, with a basic swimming skill, can participate by booking a cleaning kayak or by booking a guided trip for their group. The booking calender will open just before the cleaning starts for the summer. 

Who is organising the Itämeri Plogging? 

Itämeri Plogging Ry and Laguuni are organising Itämeri Plogging in co-operation. The whole project is enabled by our lovely sponsors Fortum, Lumme, Verdis and Korkeasaari.

What means “plogging”?

Plogging means originally a combination of jogging and picking up trash. This word is made in Sweden from swedish words plocka upp (pick up) and jogging (to run).