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5x card: Public sauna- & winter swimming (wood-heated sauna)

5x card: Public sauna- & winter swimming (wood-heated sauna)
Price 65,00 € / pcs

When just one sauna session is not enough! Come and experience the marine sauna experience in the unique container sauna at Laguuni! You can also take a refreshing dip in the sea in front of the sauna.

Series cards are not personal, so you can use them freely with a friend or family. (Please note that gift cards purchased with recreational vouchers are only suitable for personal use!)

One time of the series card is worth €15 and it includes a sauna session for one person in Keilaniemi's sauna. The serial card is valid for one year. You can use the serial card code to book sauna sessions directly from Laguuni's appointment calendar. The serial card can be used on our summer season too.

Sauna rules:

Please arrive well in advance (15 minutes) before your turn.
The Laguuni container sauna is unisex, so please wear swimwear! One shower separated by a glass wall is available for quick rinsing (so that all customers have time to rinse). Please be aware of the limited shower capacity to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. The use of soap is prohibited.

You can bring your own towel, sandals and a small floor towel for keeping the floors dry.

Laguuni's restaurant Blägä is closed during the winter season, but you can purchase refreshments and hot drinks from us!

Cancellation Policy:

A made reservation is always binding. In case of illness, the session can be rescheduled if you inform us at least 12 hours before the reservation's start time by calling 029 170 0353 or sending an email to info@laguuniin.fi.

We hope you have an awesome experience!