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Private sauna session in Keilis

From €320.00 / 2 h
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Come and experience the marine sauna experience in the unique container sauna at Laguuni!

Here you can book Laguuni’s unique wooden sauna in its entirety for private use for your own group! The sauna can accommodate about 25 people. The private sauna session includes bench covers. 

The sauna session includes cleaning, which is why you need to leave the sauna 10 minutes before the end of your turn. This gives our staff time to clean the sauna for the next guests. 

Sauna rules:

The Laguuni container sauna is unisex, so please wear a swimsuit! The sauna also has a shower, which is intended for rinsing, ie. the use of detergent is prohibited. You can grab a sauna drink from the restaurant Blägä at Laguuni, but since the sauna is a part of the restaurant’s serving area, you cannot bring your own drinks. 

Note! Diving headfirst into the water is prohibited in front of the sauna.