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Public sauna- & winter swimming (wood-heated sauna)

Public sauna- & winter swimming (wood-heated sauna)
From €15.00 / h
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Come and experience the marine sauna & winter swimming experience. You can also take a refreshing dip in the ice hole right in front of the unique container sauna at Laguuni.

A limited number of people (9) are admitted to the sauna at one time and the sauna and winter swimming are organized in one-hour slots. a place for the shift must be reserved in advance.

By reserving all nine spots for the Public Sauna Shift, you can get a private booking at a reduced price (€120/hour)

Ps. You can also find serial cards for public sauna shifts: 10x card: 100€ and 5x card: 60€.

Sauna rules:

Please arrive well in advance (15 minutes) before your turn. This helps us avoid crowding in the small changing rooms. When you arrive, please show the order confirmation to Laguuni's sauna master who is typically at the indoor terrace. You can wait for your turn in the lightly heated lounge area.

The Laguuni container sauna is unisex, so please wear swimwear! One shower separated by a glass wall is available for quick rinsing (so that all customers have time to rinse). Please be aware of the limited shower capacity to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. The use of soap is prohibited.

You can bring your own towel, sandals, and a small floor towel for keeping the floors dry. Laguuni's restaurant Blägä is closed during the winter season, but you can purchase refreshments and hot drinks from us.

We hope you have a refreshing experience :)