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Flyboarding 20 min - Gift card

Flyboarding 20 min - Gift card
Price €100.00 / pcs


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Flyboarding is a fast-paced water sport that uses a jet ski, offering experiences for beginners and demanding trick opportunities for active enthusiasts. A board attached to your leg is powered by the water pressure produced by the jet ski. Flyboarding is suitable for all who can swim and have basic fitness capacity.

We especially recommend the sport, for example, as a part of the bachelor(ette) party’s program as a special event for the bachelor(ette)!

The activity includes instructions and all the necessary equipment (helmet, vest, wetsuit). The flight time is 20 minutes, and with instructions, the activity takes about 30 minutes.

Note! The weight limit of the activity is 50-120 kg.

The gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase and will be automatically delivered to your email. Please note that the validity period of the gift card cannot be extended.