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Private sauna session in a tiny sauna - Hietsu

Private sauna session in a tiny sauna - Hietsu
From €100.00 / 2 h
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Book your private session in a tiny sympatic sauna in Hietsu! If you sit tight, you can fit 6 persons in this small electric heated sauna.

This simple and aesthetic sauna experience is one of a kind! Sauna session includes water to be thrown for the stove and you can dip in the sea to refresh yourself. There are no showers in Hietsu.

Book your session minimum 12 hours prior to the time. If you want to book another time or with a fast schedule, than you can find in the booking system please contact 029 170 0353.

Instructions for the sauna:
The sauna area and swimming area is unisex so please wear your swimming suit. You can bring your own drinks. The water for the stove is in front of the sauna in a big bucket, please notice that you are not allowed to throw salty sea water to the stove!

Attention: There is no showers or rental towels in Hietsu!