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Water park 1h 10x serial card

Price €130.00 / pcs

Laguuni has two water parks in the summer 2023! Come and test both: one is in Keilaniemi and other one is in Mustikkamaa!

Running in the water park is fun for swimmers of all ages. The track is designed for many purposes and there you can, for example, compete with friends, hang on the Tarzan liana, go down a giant slide, jump on a water trampoline or even just enjoy the varied obstacle of the park. This is definitely the coolest thing of the summer!

Age limits: The minimum age for the water park is 6 years. A child between the ages of 6 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult guardian who is keeping an eye on the child at all times. The guardian can stay on land if they wish. One adult can supervise 1-3 children at a time. A child over the age of 12 can come to the park independently, with the consent of a guardian, and the contact details of a guardian must be provided at the time of booking, if booking for a minor (under 18 years old).

Please note that gift cards purchased with recreational vouchers are only suitable for personal use!