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Intermediate technique course for kayakers in Keilis (3h)

Intermediate technique course for kayakers in Keilis (3h)
70,00 € / 3 h


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The intermediate technique course with Falcon is a 3-hour-course for more advanced kayakers on intermediate skill level. This is for kayakers, who have already completed Meloja 1 (Beginners courses all together about 10 hours). In this course you will learn more advanced techniques for sea kayaking and also improve your previous skills. 

We will use sea kayaks and the maximum number of attendants is 4 persons, so the teaching is very individual.

Techniques to be learned: draw stroke, sculling draw moving the kayak sideways, Low and High brace support stroke and preventing a capsize, Low brace turn, Disembarking, Edging.

The teaching will be mostly in english.

Difficulty level of the trip: Suitable for those who have already taken the 3 beginners courses (PART 1, PART 2 & Rescue / Beginners course somewhere else (10h)) The minimum age for the course is 13 years old. 

Starting point of the trip: Laguuni Water Sports Center, Espoo

Time: on 20th of May at 15:00-18:00 and 10th of June 15:00-18:00
Please arrive no later than 20 minutes before the start. 

Number of participants: Up to 4 people per group

Instructors: Clauver Falcon

Included in the price: Guidance, a kayak, vest, paddle, opening cover, and if desired, a wet suit.